Are You In The Right Learning Organization?

What do successful companies like Amazon, Google, IBM have in common? The answer: Learning Culture. Quite recently, they have gone deeper into offering postsecondary credentials, bypassing traditional colleges, with expanded training options (Fain, 2019). Other giants like FedEx, Oracle, and Microsoft, offer extensively long-term collaborations with universities to instil lifelong learning (Lutchen, 2018). Likewise, newfoundContinue reading “Are You In The Right Learning Organization?”

What Kind of Leader Do You Want to Be?

Fresh out of university with much leadership optimism, I ventured into a luminous experience as a technology consultant for our biggest Fortune 50 client. Hailed as the global number 1 for leadership development, Procter and Gamble (P&G) preserve a culture of building change leaders and difference-makers, no matter the stakeholder level (Russell Reynolds Associates, 2012).Continue reading “What Kind of Leader Do You Want to Be?”

During Unprecedented Times: Charismatic vs. Transformational Leadership

With the dawn of high-impact organizations, the antagonistic advent of global crises, and the upsurge of new-growth transformation initiatives, distinctive leadership styles are catapulted into the limelight. Evident during these unprecedented times of transversely fast-tracked challenges and competitions, the question arises — if it’s down to achieving higher-purpose missions between two heroic leadership styles, whichContinue reading “During Unprecedented Times: Charismatic vs. Transformational Leadership”

Diversity: Tangible Effects on Culture and Leadership

‘Diversity’ is frequently debated as an empty-bellied decorative corporate leadership maxim that does not bring tangible consequences. But, is that true? As a by-product of Fortune 500 organizations, of course, I am pro-diversity. While we all distinguish that there are unique strengths and equal opportunities, first, comprehending and associating the concept of diversity into leadershipContinue reading “Diversity: Tangible Effects on Culture and Leadership”

Ethical Leadership: Expressions and Effects

“I am resigning from my post, effective immediately…” – This line from an email sent by a Fortune 500 company CEO left a permanent impression on how people see ethical leadership, especially in a global business context. At the time when Mark Hurd got luridly mired in several ethics-related scandals that led to his publicContinue reading “Ethical Leadership: Expressions and Effects”

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